1         Directories


1.1       project directory

This is the main directory of the project. It contains the executable project and the file ModelReaderPath.txt, which contains the program path of the vensim model reader.

1.1.1       help

In this directory, all project help files are saved. The main help file is help.html, which can also be called from the project in the help menu.

1.1.2       maps

All map layers of the project are saved in the maps folder. Each layer consists of two files. The asc file contains the grid data (the value of all x and y coordinates) and the csv file contains the colors which represent the different values in the map.

1.1.3       output

The files Dokumentation.txt and RePastOut.txt are saved in this directory. Dokumentation.txt contains comments, which can be written down by the user of the program. The program output is stored in the file RePastOut.txt.       snapshots

This folder contains snapshots of the map, which can be created by the user of the program.       GeoserverExport

This folder stores the exported files from the GeoServer.


1.2       General overview about the UDS „work-flow“



1.3       User Interface Screenshots